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Stay Weird, John

It’s time we stop having one night stands with satan…

While claiming a relationship with Jesus.

It’s time we make hard decisions and draw thick permanent lines.

Even when it gets us cancelled.

Even when the Name Above All Names gets ours mocked.

Even when it requires us to get off of our comfortable pew and put our money where our mouth is.

It’s time we muster the strength of Daniel while sleeping among the lions of today’s culture.

It’s time we stop peering through the curtains at Goliath while hoping someone else will fight him.

It’s time we gather five rocks and a sling.

It’s time we get left out and we aren’t left shattered.

And get wrote off for proclaiming what is right.

Let me remind you that this is Babylon.

And we aren’t to look like it.

We aren’t to flirt with it…

We aren’t to take it to the bed chambers for a day so that no one’s feelings are hurt.

We aren’t to treat satan like a side chick so that we fit in.


Yes, I just said that.

Because it’s true.

And because someone needs to say it…

To me…

To you…

And to the church.

John the Baptist was thought quite strange. Weird and uncommon.

But he had a message and a mission that was not contingent upon the validation of others.

At this point if we aren’t considered a little strange…we may need to reevaluate.

We are called to separation…

And yet we can’t handle our separation anxiety from the acceptance of society.

Friends, it’s about time that we do.

It’s time that we spend hours in the secret place with Holy Spirit again…

And hopefully while we’re in there we can also find the nerve to proclaim Him in the streets the way we do in service.

God help us to have…

The gall to proclaim Him when we’re cancelled.

The tenacity to remain faithful to Him when the temptation of trendy takes hold…

And the sustenance to remain balanced when it comes time to stand upon the Word of God…

Instead of just carrying it around in an app on our iPhone.


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