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People. Will. Let. You. Down.

Like a well designed boulder...

It hits.

Unfairness. Betrayal. Circumstances.

Mercilessly at times.

Sometimes things penetrate your plans and your feelings so deeply that it knocks you off path.

Get. Back. Up.

The enemy is counting on you laying under that boulder.

He’s counting on it to crush your purpose, your plans and your poise.

He’s counting on it to shut you up.

Get up, anyway.

Get louder, anyway.

Because although people will let you down.

God will not.

If you depended on man you wouldn’t be where you are.

If you depended on man you wouldn’t be breathing in fresh air.

If you depended on man you wouldn’t have made it through that thing that made you who you are.

He’s God in rich seasons.

He’s God in poverty seasons.

He’s God in the valley.

He’s God on the mountain top.

He’s God in whatever hit you in the face this morning.

He saw it coming.

So did His angel armies...

And when you shove that boulder off, dust yourself off, wipe your tears, swallow your fears and rise to fight... do they.

When you draw your sword of faith and prepare for spiritual battle in the dark seasons He steps in behind you in strength, glory and provision...and when He steps in...

...everything demonic steps out.

Man doesn’t sustain you.

Man doesn’t uphold you.

Man doesn’t provide for you.

Man doesn’t renew you.

He does.

Always has.

Always will.

Boulders don’t scare Him.

He has had to roll one back before.


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