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Can I be messy for just a moment..?

Can I be messy for just a moment?

Don’t lavish me with your judgment , please.

I have a friend who is in a relationship with a new man.

She claims to love him. I’m sure she does.

She sees him once a week and showers Him with just enough attention to feel good about herself.

Just enough so that others see.

She’s busy. I get that…But she’s flaunting him all over social media when she hasn’t spoken to him in days.

He adores her...I am aware of this fact for sure. She’s talking of marriage and how someday soon he’ll choose her forever.

She likes to tell her friends how much he loves her and then she goes home and ignores his calls to watch Netflix.

He brings her gifts and admiration and she loves to flaunt that everywhere….

And yet she doesn’t love to spend quality time with him.

“He’s her everything”

She claims this, anyway…. but some days it looks as if it is all a show because selfish intentions seem to be clear when you look at her daily choices.

She’s promoting a relationship that she isn’t internally invested in.

She’s so caught up in daily routines and ambitions that she doesn’t realize the relationship is one sided…

That’s it’s shallow on her end.

She’s oblivious to the distractions keeping her from intensely committing to what she’s promoting...

She’s us.

I don’t really have this friend.

I do however feel convicted of the fact that this is a picture of so many of us and our relationship with Christ.

We wear our cute outfits to Sunday morning service. We post pictures of our kids and their cute Sunday ensembles…

and we boast of our positions.

We quietly feel adequate because we are labeled as having a relationship that we aren’t investing in behind closed doors.

The laundry needs to be folded…

I know.

The day was long…

I know.

We watch family movies but do we have family prayer?

Our kids can be the cutest ones in Sunday school but do they see the power of The Living God manifested through our everyday lives?

Our 20 minutes of devotion a few days a week is HUGE...

Until we compare it to our screen time.

We wouldn’t leave our husbands or our children with only the attention we’re rationing out to Jesus Christ.

I believe He is reaching and yearning and whispering for his beloved to just pay attention.

To just dwell with Him.

Just thinking that maybe instead of our NY resolutions focusing on that extra 20 pounds…

We could focus on that extra 20 minutes.


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