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Hell in the Hallway...

It tries to meet you in the hallway.

All of hell.

It tries to make the hallway a tomb.

It’s where doubt creeps quietly...

Dark, slow and steady.

It’s where failure resurfaces.

It’s where Satan tries to implement his age old tactics. His...”What was it that your God told you? Then where is it now?” strategy.

It’s hell and it’s legions that come for your faith in the hallway.

It’s lonely in the hallway.

Rid of joy and desolate of direction. Barren.

I see you. You in the back corner of the hallway. Willing a door to open.

Holding out hope and mustering the faith to do so.

So to you broken one... Hallway dweller...

Fellow corner sitting, wandering friend...

We’re with you. Others are hallway inhabiting too.

Aching for answers and frantically trying not to be frantic too.

Grasping for the past and reaching for the future simultaneously too.

So many are.

I want to remind you that we are riding the waves of a surrended life.

And that Hope doesn’t sink.

Our ship of hope is anchored to the one the wind answers to.

The hallway answers to him too.

It bows even.

Hallway questions come second to His omnipotent power.

This hallway will not be the end of the journey.

Doors will fling wide and light will shine through once again.

The way made clear and the future bright.

He didn’t move mountains and slay Goliaths all of these years to leave you in the hallway.

He didn’t anoint you, prepare you, strengthen you, equip you, rescue you...

To leave you here without answers, surrounded by closed doors and seemingly empty promises.

He’s the Living God. The God of the universe and hell can’t have you.

It also can’t have your faith in the tomb of the hallway.

So today decree this to be a season of worship. A hallway of sacrificial surrenderence. A tomb of purposeful prayer.

It’s going to be okay, friend. I know it’s dark in there...

But on the third day....


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