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Evict your feelings...

Evict your feelings.

They don’t always get a vote.

Not in your call. Not in your anointing. Not when souls are depending upon your consistency.

We are feeling FULL.

We are in a constant state of an emotion led existence.

“I just feel like...she doesn’t like me.”

“I just feel like...he could have handled that better”

I just feel like...I deserve better than the way they acted towards me.

It’s exhausting isn’t it?

It keeps our God given mission in a tizzy.

Satan will disrupt and shake your feelings consistently if it keeps you ineffective.

If it keeps you focusing on you more than your call.

If you keeps you timid and hurt and bitter.

It’s okay to feel. It’s not ideal to live there.

God created you to wake up and make all of hell tremble with the anointing He placed on your call.

God designed you to be who you’re called to be whether you’re the one in the coat of many colors or not.

God ordained growth in your Mother’s womb and placed you within it...

with a call that quite possibly could shake the nations....

But you can’t...

because your offended that they didn’t ask you to sing last Sunday.

Girl, get up. Girl, get out of your feelings. Girl, squash the enemy’s tactics on your emotions.

It doesn’t matter what they think, how they think, or who they think could do it better than you.

When the One True Living God spoke you into existence He wasn’t planning on you staying in a bed of bitterness.

He created you to move mountains...

So put down your feelings and pick up your purpose.

We can carry a lot more when our hands are free from the baggage of our feelings.


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