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I can tell you what we’ve lost…

I can tell you what we’ve lost.

Do you remember the sounds from the prayer room?

A room forgotten by many.

The wailing of white haired women and the groaning of intercessory prayer permeating the space.

Chains broken.

Lives covered.

Homes surrendered.

They arrived early.

They arrived purposed.

They arrived without distraction.

Yes, I can tell you what we’ve lost.

Do you remember when men got up early?

Not to make it to the deer stand…but to pray for their home and the nations?

An art lost by many.

Do you remember when they cared more about elevating a child’s prayer life….than they cared about elevating a child’s batting average?

Oh, we’ve got pretty trophies and 12-point bucks… and alongside it lives falling apart…with no idea how to utilize the weapon of prayer.

I can tell you what we’ve lost.

We’ve lost spiritual grit.

We’ve lost tenacious desperation.

We’ve lost persistent dedication.

We’ve lost priority.

We’ve slowly exchanged Holiness for hollowness.

And permanence for temporal.

We need to revisit the prayer room and regain familiarity with early morning intercession.

We need to refocus.

We need to regroup.

Yes. Friend, I can’t tell you what we’ve lost.

& earth in it‘s entirety is screaming that it’s about time we find it. 🤍


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