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It's not his...

It’s not his...

Sweet soul.

It’s not his place to know of the evil.

The evil that lurks in this world behind his giggles and innocence.

It’s not his burden to protect his eyes from the things placed before him.

It’s not his...

It’s not his weight to carry the heaviness of the predators and demonic spirits that are reaching now like never before for his kind.

It’s not his...

It’s not his responsibility to guard his heart from pornography.

It’s not on him to protect his body from the woman or man behind a keyboard with ill intention.

It’s not his...

It’s not for him to worry of covering himself. It’s not his obligation to teach himself to turn his head from an uncovered women.

It’s not his duty to teach himself respect for his future wife.

It’s not his...

It’s not his chore to only allow age appropriate content in his home.

It’s not his charge to ban sleeping over at a friends house. It’s not his task to say no to the questions he desperately wants a yes to.

It’s not his...

It’s not his concern to begin with the small words to assure his mouth isn’t filled with filth on a date with someone’s daughter someday.

It’s not his requirement that he be set apart. It’s not his onus to assure the spiritual doors are locked or the spiritual windows are sealed.

It’s not his commission. It’s not his allegiance.

It’s mine.

So I’ll try to keep saying “no” when he assures me everyone else is saying yes.

I’ll keep standing my ground and saying “we don’t stand for that” when his big eyes beg me to acquiesce.

I’ll continue to be firm and then turn my head to hide those almost tears in knowing he wishes I was more fun…

More lenient or hip to the things the world is trying to shove down his throat.

I’ll continue.

Because it is mine...

and so is he.

Instagram: @honestlyashleya


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