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It’s on us…

I know your lipstick color is fab…

But has your child watched salacious filfth this week?

We’ve coddled distraction and adopted lackadaisical habits of shielding.

We’ve nodded at sorcery and winked at the sexual agenda.

Can I tell us….

it’s not on them to protect themselves from what the enemy is trying to encapsulate them with.

It’s not on them to stand when every other parent is giving in.

It’s not on them to weep in intercession in the wee hours of the night for their future…

It’s on us….

And at the risk of losing friends…

I must say we’re quite frankly too preoccupied with the latest trend to notice the latest demon coming after our children…

You’re making decisions right now, Mom….

Decisions that will have your grandchildren saying one of two things….

“Grandmother was a valiant warrior for the kingdom and our family peace is owed to that..”


“Grandmother never could stand. She was too blinded by culture and attention to protect the anointing our family could have had…”

And that’s on you.


It’s on you this moment and it’s on you all of 2022.

We get to make this decision every single day until the days run out.

Are we watching over the ways of our household?….


are we watching over the ways of TikTok?

Are we sending forth the Holy Angels over our babies?….


….are we sending forth another Snapchat?

Who viewed your story won’t matter 10 years from now if you’re fighting the gates of hell for your child.

Who liked your sultry selfie won’t even be remembered if you’re carrying the guilt of intercessory years wasted…

This is not a game…

Not a tournament…

Not a competition…

This is an occupation.

An honor.

So a reminder that…

Hell is consistently charging towards the goal of occupying their future…

And Momma, your prayer life just may be what’s standing in the way…


Instagram: @honestlyashleya

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Mar 23, 2022

All of these writings are Spot On!!!

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