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Sex sells, Ashley...

“Sex sells, Ashley”

My husband said to me from across the living room.

His weighty response to a situation in someone’s life that I didn’t understand.

Silence. The weight of that statement resting heavy in the room.

But it does doesn’t it?

It sells.

It speaks. It claws It draws. It screams.

And not in a whisper.

It shrieks and forces premature decisions and regretful situations.

Yes...It does sell, I couldn’t argue.

It just doesn’t sustain.

It doesn’t mend.

It doesn’t heal.

It won’t tie up the loose ends of your brokenness either.

Sweet one, stop searching for love in your DMs.

The bathroom selfies of your cute rear end produce attention...

But they probably aren’t going to reel in the Godly, wholesome, fatherly man that you’re hoping for.

Praying and fasting will do that.

Consecration will do that.

....but promiscuity will ruin that.

Stop begging God for permanence with His best...

and then still finding temporary with the enemy while you wait.

How can He provide you with the upstanding trusted man you’re praying for...

When you aren’t being the women that man would even desire?

My words are not seeping with judgment.

In fact, they are riddled with love and understanding.

Experience even.

Words that Holy Spirit lovingly spoke to me in years passed. Years when sex was pitching it’s best advertisement to a girl praying for a righteous man.

Thankfully, to a girl who listened.

We’ve mostly all been there.

Just a reminder that even though promiscuous temporary sex does sell...

You don’t have to be a customer. There’s more.


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