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Sometimes Thirst is Thundering...

Gently push beyond them.

The ones who aren’t as determined.

The ones who aren’t as purposed.

“Excuse me”….is sometimes required in the Kingdom.

If you aren’t going to get desperate…then I need you to move.

I need to get passed you.

If you aren’t going to crawl beyond the masses of mediocrity to touch Him.

….then I need you to make room for me to do so.

It’s okay to be the wild one.

It’s okay to be the intensely passionate one.

Desperation looks differently then complacency.

Determination acts differently than contentment.

You’re not weird. You’re in love.

You’ve just got a little whimsy to your walk.

A little realness to your radical.

Sometimes you have to yell out


…among those who only believe in whispering occasionally.

Don’t let it make you feel strange.

Sometimes love gets loud.

Sometimes need makes a scene.

Sometimes thirst is thundering.

Stop letting the normalcy of religious tradition tell you the way you should love your Father.

Loving with a roar will gain the attention of your peers…

But they aren’t the only ones…

Last I checked He stopped for a radical one…

They may not approve of you skipping and pushing in line but sometimes that’s what it takes to reach the hem of his garment…

And last I checked “Who touched me?”

Weren’t words of disapproval.


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