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Stop Speaking Skeleton...

Stop speaking skeleton.

Stop digging in their closet.

Can I speak truth at the risk of sounding rude?

Don’t be an expert at excavating something they buried through redemption.

“Susan had an affair with Brandon. And Brandon’s ex wife had an affair with Susan’s dad...”

“And Lori says she had an affair with Brandon but he won’t admit that...”

“And Brandon has been married several times...”

Sound familiar?

Small towns like to skeleton talk.

May I propose that we...for lack of better wording...shut up?

Just an idea.

A good one in my opinion.

“I just don’t know about him.”

“I just don’t know how God could use her now.”

Don’t belittle God by proposing the fact that He may not be able to redeem someone enough to greatly use them.

When you pull out a skeleton to defend your opinion you’re placing it over the blood of Jesus.

You’re in fact saying...

“I would respect their call if the blood of Jesus was enough to cover their past...but it isn’t.”

Let that simmer.

Let it stain your white washed tomb.

Either redemption is a palpable exquisite thing...or it isn’t.

And friend... every single moment that you encounter someone trying to overcome their past and live a righteous life...

You get to choose whether or not you believe in it.

They did not redeem themselves...

The Savior of the world did that.

If you don’t think He did a good enough job...

Then speak skeleton to Him. I guarantee He can speak it back.

And in interesting forms... For example...

What you did in the summer of 2007...

Hotel room numbers...

Gossiping words...

And ill intentions lathered in innocence.


It’s not usually a fun conversation.

Don’t be a glorified Grace hoarder.

Don’t consistently whisper about something the enemy tried to destroy them with.


The power of life and death is in your tongue...

And beloved...

speaking skeleton reeks of death...

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Feb 06, 2022

So Powerful and So Sad.

People have spat out these things for so long they have unlearned the art of storytelling and true communication.

Fortunately I have a friend who speaks of beauty and light.

Sitting on her porch, I could listen to her truths for hours.

I call her my Butterfly 🦋

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