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It isn't what it looks like...

It isn’t what it looks like. Marriage. Someday we’ll tell our story. The one this man and I have been authoring. Perhaps on some particular day when I feel it’s safe to be that vulnerable. That open. Not today. I’m here today to remind you that it’s not always what it looks like. Sometimes it is perseverance to perfection. It’s blood It’s sweat It’s tears Remember that you need to read between the lines of the pretty Facebook pictures. I want to remind you that cute vacation pictures hide the tenacity it takes to excavate the ground that is your marriage and extract the enemy and his tactics out of your home. It’s war. War that looks to be in the flesh and yet is intimidatingly spiritual. It’s tearing down walls and rebuilding them back more sturdy than before. It’s people in your corner that pick up the phone and speak the Word of The Living God into your thought processes and decisions in the moments that matter. See pretty pictures like this aren’t fake...But they are most definitely layered. On the surface you see a man and a woman having coffee. But the further you dig you’ll find two people that drug one another from the entrenchment of their own views and entrapment of their own sin. Two people that with metaphorical bleeding fingernails crawled back to the foot of the cross. Tear stained and cloaked in unworthiness. This looks like two blissful humans that want you to think everything has always been drenched in fairytale feelings and emotions...but it’s really two people that encountered a forgiving, restoring Father. Two prodigals that dove head first into the sea of forgiveness and actually believe in a Grace-Full God. Someday we’ll tell our story bold and loud....but right now we tell it to the broken. We whisper it in the ear of others and we decree and declare the same restoration over their families. But Someday. Someday we’ll get loud with it. Until then I just want you to remember that social media flashes and glimpses are very misleading. It’s not a game out here. It’s war and we all need spirit minded people in our corner for when it’s time to call in the troops… for when it’s time to put faces to carpet and intercede so that pretty pictures like this can continue to take place. Someday we’ll write it, shout it and say it...until then know that Social Media lies and so does satan. And if your corner is empty...we really like hanging out in corners. Instagram: @honestlyashleya


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