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He didn't clap back...

He didn’t clap back.

Not in arrogance.

Our example.


He didn’t clap back when he could have. When he was crucified.

When he could have defended himself and his belief system.

He didn’t have a sharp tongue and a defensive attitude.

We shouldn’t either.

He hung His head in Humility and allowed the masses to rant and rage against His mission. Against His passion. Against His existence.

Against Him.

I know some of you feel this. I know it intensifies and you ache to defend who you are.

But don’t.

Keep marching forward. Keep flying flags of forgiveness. Of understanding.

Of humility.

Fly them even higher as the waves of accusations flood in.

In a world that mercilessly screams...


Just keep whispering...

“Jesus is Lord”

Just keep fighting the good fight.

You don’t need to defend yourself. Even the King of Kings didn’t do that.

He proceeded with what He was placed here for.

He shook the dust off of His feet with no arrogance and kept pressing forward.

He gave an abundance of mercy. An abundance of humility. An impressionable love for those that lashed out.

So swallow the wrongfulness. Rise above the ache it brings with it.

Hit the delete button on that clap back.

And remember it’s okay if they parade their opinion.

Do not embrace the comfort of cowardice when they come with anger.

Do not be afraid when they show off their rock collection....

Remember...’s only the one without sin that can even do anything with that rock.


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