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They do like you, stop it...

They do like you, stop it.

And if they don’t...then make it to where they have to.

Go anyway.

Show up anyway.

Be the love of Christ anyway.

Give anyway.

Smile anyway.

Show them who God has recreated you to be anyway.

Stop letting the enemy separate you by whispering the lies of offense.

Separated sheep are ripe for slaughter.

That’s probably the very group of friends that you need to launch you into your purpose.

And friend, Satan knows it.

It’s probably why he’s desperately firing darts of deception at you about them.

As a matter of fact, that one girl is probably someone your call is connected to.

They don’t hate you....

But Satan does and he’ll make sure you think they do if it keeps you separated from the flock of people that are on Fire for God.

They want to be accepted too.

They want to be loved too.

We have to stop shrinking back and deciding to stay home...

We have to stop staying secluded and curled up with our offense and cup of coffee...

We weren’t meant to do this life alone.

Put the offense down...put your coffee in a to go cup...

And sit your sweet self right in the middle of that group of believers next time the opportunity presents itself...

And make sure you wave at satan on your way there....

We can’t live in offense. We can’t live secluded.

We weren’t meant to travel alone. We are powerful in packs.

So pack the lies away and go girl.

For the sake of the Kingdom and your call...

Go anyway.

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