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It wasn't in increments...

He didn’t redeem you on after pay.

It wasn’t klarna and it wasn’t in increments.

He is efficient.

He is methodical.

On those crossed pieces of wood hung every thing that’s ever made you hang your head in shame.

He paid for it in full.

It is dire that you begin to see it that way.

It is a pitiful shame the amount of anointing nestled on the pews in our churches.

Anointing hidden behind mortification.

Mighty Kingdom puzzle pieces…placid and plastered against the back row due to their transgressions.

Purpose slinking back behind the pain of past decisions.

Don’t be so arrogant as to think that you could possibly ruin God’s plan unless He allows it.

Beloved, He saw the addiction before He ever said “I want her.”

He saw the promiscuity prior to ever claiming your worth to be far more precious than rubies…

The gifts and callings are irrevocable, fellow called one.

Can we walk away from the call?


But something tells me you wouldn’t be here reading this if you had your running shoes on.

So shake the shame…it isn’t serving you…Or Him.

Unshackle your feet…they’re precious to Him and need to carry the gospel.

Hang up the humiliation…pride has no place here.

His Grace wasn’t on credit.

His blood wasn’t only partially redeeming.

His love wasn’t on layaway.

No, He paid in full for the cloak of righteousness….

And friend, He’s patiently waiting to help you put it on.


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